Sunday, November 8, 2009

Philosophy of Architecture

Hello everyone,

I just received my first comment on this blog and I am thrilled! This is just so new to me and I get very excited about it. It was posted with a question as to : what is my philosophy of the Architecture that I do.

I really have not been asked this question to many times in my lifetime. No one really asks this, they just see my work and that brings out their reactions in whatever form that takes.  The more I think about this the more I think of it as an attitude if you will.

Now, within this of course are my ideas as an Architect that develop through my design process in a three dimensional spatial world in which I am trying to create solutions for the problems that I am faced with by the project that governs them and puts them forth. With the clients needs I resolve the issues to their benefit weather they are doing home architecture, looking for a commercial architect firm and even if it would be a green design using green residential architects.

I am also not just a floor plan architect that just does layouts and then converts them in three dimensions with walls and a roof all generated from said floor plans. No, there is a synchronicity that occurs and we are to educate the clients in this.

This is what I do. I respond to the needs, questions, hopes and fears of my clients dreams and visions making a better world for them and ultimately a better place for everyone. As Charles Hefner Architect moves forward into the future of the world, it will continue to evolve.

Finishing tonight with this is where I am at and hopefully I have answered that persons post as to what my philosophy is about being an architect and the  architecture that I do.

This could go on forever. Whoa!!!

Charles Hefner
Charles Hefner Architect