Friday, April 6, 2012

Some Easter thoughts on house designs and floor plans

I am writing in the blog today just to bring up some thoughts of mine that I am thinking about as I am about to trek home to relax this holiday weekend.

Ah, home. That place we like to think of as our castle. Some of us want and need really nice castles, but some others and some others not so much. I design home plans and drawings for many clients and other people that like certain home designs that suit their needs and desires. It is very difficult sometimes to do this because some clients do not know the process and you really cannot tell them anything about it either. They are not open to the fact that they do not understand this process of modern home design regardless of style.

It can be irritating sometimes and downright stressful. I really dislike this sort and I try to not get involved regardless of the amount of money they are willing to pay. It is also very frustrating and very tiresome.

In closing, I am hoping that I can endure this aspect of my practice and I trust in my experience that I will be able to design house plans and other building plans without the requirement of some twit I have to placate. Good riddance.

Now that is what I call a rant. So be it. Whatever.

Have a happy Easter.