Saturday, May 19, 2012

If Clients could kill Architects

There you are thinking and envisioning what your dream house could be and you go through the process of hiring an Architect to assist you with this project of yours.

It costs you some dollars naturally and your house plans come to roost and are created. Then there is a wait period that is killing you because your wonderful Architect is taking his sweet time while you are paying the monthly mortgage on the lot that you are going to build your wonderful house on with a great architectural floor plan on it.

You are literally biting your nails to the bone and still no response from your Architect. How many times have you heard of this scenario? I am sure you have friends that have experienced some sort of variation on this one.

Being an Architect myself and having spoken to numerous clients regarding this "problem" has been an eye opener. However, there are two ways of mitigating this problem the way I see it.

The first that comes to mind is expectations by both parties. The owner has to be well aware of the process and what is a reasonable time table he or she is willing to deal with.
Secondly, communication is well worth the trouble of spending time with the Owner and letting him know what is going on and how long things are taking and what else has to be done. Educating the Owner is essential to his or her understanding of the process so that any future "misunderstandings" are nipped in the bud well ahead of time and thus avoiding the problem in the first place.

Many Architects are so caught up in the process of design that they forget these two very simple factors that go a very long way in the relationship that develops over the time while designing your architectural wonder and house floor plans.

Finally, the Owner has to understand this process and that is why the Architect has to engage and educate Owner in the fine art of Architecture.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012



I was thinking of this issue today on a wonderful Sunday Mother's Day in which this day is also a reminder as to why I am writing this today.

It is about Renderings. It is a dying art form in the hand drawn department. Very few are being done this way nowadays and it is truly a shame.

When I was growing up and wanting to go outside with my friends to play ball, my dear Mom would keep me inside doing over and over my drawings assignments. She would rip them up, yes, she would do that and tell me to do it all over again as I watched the clock with the second hand going by. I used to hate it.

Why is she doing this to me? She must have had a sense as to why this would do me any good. Well, I thank her a million times on days like this one because it is something that I enjoy doing very much.

Repetition is the mother of skill. Yes indeed. Well I would like to thank my mother whom must have had a great vision as to how I would use this skill in my career, yes, I get it mom. I really do and by the way, thank you once more. I love you.

Here are some samples: