Sunday, August 11, 2013

This Technical Digital Update Post

Hello everyone,

I am sorry for the missed layout points in my last article just posted earlier today. It is not working properly and at this point I really do not know why.

Like many I have not been keeping up to date on all my digital knowledge and applications as I should due to the fact that I am working hard at what I do which is practicing Architecture. It is a very demanding process and we all know this. However that said, the digital part of our deal here is that we have to also keep up with our digital universe.

Boy is this hard sometimes keeping up with all this technology that is in constant change 24/7 all the time. How is one to do this ?

I am constantly asking myself this question. As Architects we have to, no doubt and we have to keep up the effort until we are fortunate enough to hire someone to do it for us full time so that we can move it forward all the time as best we can consistently. This is what I am now doing. It takes up whatever little time we have left during my waking hours whatever those may be. It is hard.

This is a little rant that I am now posting just because I feel like it and I am feeling a bit frustrated with all things digital right about now. So please bear with me and we can go and see where this takes us.

So, my apologies to all those reading this blog and I trust you all understand where I am coming from and perhaps we can all sleep better tonight knowing that I did what I could in getting this right.

Thank you and good evening.


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